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Fertility and the First 1,000 Days

May 1, 2021

Hello, I'm Katy Bradbury, a qualified Nutritional Therapist, Private Health Visitor and qualified nurse. I have worked in the Women's Health, Maternal and Children's Health field for many years.

Today's podcast is about seven questions I ask my fertility clients, and the answers may surprise you. So, whether you are starting your fertility journey or are just curious about what questions I ask, this is the podcast for you.


00:00: Introduction

00:29: Reason for listening today

01:57: I do ask the typical questions

03:21: A question about poo!

06:35: How well do you sleep?

09:00: Your thyroid

12:08: Asthma, hay fever or eczema

15:06: UTIs

17:02: Do you ever get twitchy eyes?

19:43: What products do you use on your skin?

22:27: An in-depth consultation

23:23: Free discovery call



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Fertility and the First 1,000 Days Membership

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