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Fertility and the First 1,000 Days

May 22, 2022

This week Katy runs through five reasons that her forthcoming membership could be exactly the thing you need to support this fertility journey. She explores a number of the benefits that listeners would get should they wish to sign up to the most affordable way to work with her directly. 

Any listeners wishing to join...

May 15, 2022

Today, Katy reflects on her learnings from studying biological anthropopology, and considers the things that can impact fertility through an evolutionary lens. 

May 8, 2022

Today, after spending time at the Fertility Show live with the Fertility Nutrition Centre, Katy talks about the five lessons she learned from a weekend of talking to people, and attending seminars.

May 1, 2022

Continuing on with the LOVE theme, today Katy talks about some of the challenges that can present on the self-love front when TTC, when it can feel like your body is broken. The episode acknowledges these feelings as a valid part of the journey, and talks through some tools for supporting your self love journey,...

Apr 24, 2022

Today, Katy reflects on love, on partner relationships and some of the potential strains that can be faced during fertility journeys. The episode focuses on love for one another, and goes through some practical exercises to help you reflect on your own relationship, with celebrations and tools for communication...